Lecteur NFC basse consommation

The EFT-CLReader-LP is a low-power RFID/NFC reader board for building a wide range of contactless applications, having stringent power consumption constraints. An optional additional non-volatile memory device can be mounted allowing application specific data storage such as user database management system. With the EFT-CLReader-LP, Eff’Innov Technologies offers a cutting-edge product for applications demanding very low-power, high-performance and flexible contactless readers.

Caractéristiques principales

  • integrated Antenna,
  • LEDs, push-button, RS-232,
  • Wide input voltage range (5V-16V)
  • Integrated bootloader for firmware upload
  • Robust power-supply filtering
  • Proximity operating distance up to 40 Mm
  • Support various tag technologies -ISO/IEC-14443/A -ISO/IEC 14443/B -MIFARE (Mini, 1K, 4K, Ultralight) -MIFARE Desfire -ISO/IEC 15693 -I-CODE

Applications possibles

  • industrial, services or residential facilities access control
  • operating assets remotely (sharing/tracking goods, vehicles or services)
  • infrastructure-based identification systems

Principaux avantages :

  • Suitable for battery powered equipments
  • Easy plug-and-use
  • Highly flexible and customizable for specific requirements