Frédéric Briand

Master degree in electronics and computer science, master in business management

His first job was with Schneider Electric where he contributed to the development of embedded systems for industrial automation devices.

He then joined Philips to set up a digital television and DVD applications development group.

He became responsible for the "system and application" activities aiming at defining and rolling-out DVD recorders reference platforms across the globe. Since 2005, he has worked on business development activities at NXP Semiconductors.

Through these 25+ years of experience in embedded systems domain, he has acquired product marketing, business management and team management operational competencies in a multicultural and international context.

François Audéon

Master degree in aeronautics and automotive.

His first job was in military domain. During this period he contributed to the development of 'mission planning' system for air forces as well as to unmanned air vehicles flight control systems.

He joined Philips as software architect to define the architecture of a DVD recorder platform used among others by Philips for its first devices (DVR1000).

More recently he was the lead architect for the Set-Top-Boxes and Home Media Devices (digital picture frames, media adapters,...) business line of NXP Semiconductors. He was in charge of coordinating the design activities for the various products, at a technical level. As an expert he had also in charge the definition of the R&D strategy and took part to the elaboration of the corporate strategy for software technologies.

He has contributed to papers to international conferences and has a patent author in consumer electronics domain.

Through these 23+ years of experience he has acquired technical and R&D team management competencies in a multicultural and international context.