Competitive pressure accentuates both the need for companies to innovate and focus on their core business.

In addition, with the explosion of digital techniques, the technological "walls" between industries are becoming permeable with the consequence of increasing the complexity of systems.

This increase in complexity, together with the pressure on costs and time to market for products, is also accompanied by high demands on quality and performance.

Faced with these challenges, many questions arise:

  • How to master all the necessary technologies?
  • How to concentrate R&D resources on value-added developments?
  • How to integrate "Open Source" technologies, while preserving the intellectual property of the company?
  • How to protect the company against the risks of failure of technology suppliers?

Technical orientations taken upstream of projects, some of which are "strategic", can have very significant consequences on the success and performance of operations.

The experts at EFF'INNOV Technologies help you to achieve the set objectives in an “efficient” manner.

Examples of missions

Development strategy consulting


  • Define the technologies or methodologies in which to invest in the R&D organization.
  • Help with the "Do or Buy" decision.


  • Gather the information necessary to define its strategic orientations
  • Impartiality of information and recommendations
  • Access to industry experts
Innovation consultancy


  • Identify technologies to extend the uses of an existing product or service in order to create value


  • Offer new products / services that create value
  • Rationalize investment choices using technical and economic data
  • Access to industry experts

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