Dongle NFC

Dongle form factor NFC reader for immediate integration of the NFC function into your applications. Supports the full set of NFC features: reader/writer, peer-to-peer

Key Features

  • Built-in full features NFC stack
  • Easy integration through AT commands
  • ISO 14443-A, ISO 14443-B, Felica, Mifare
  • SNEP
  • NDEF
  • RS232 interface

Targeted Applications

  • Access control
  • Authentication
  • Remote User interface
  • Contactless configuration
  • Collecting maintenance data
  • ...

Key Benefits

  • Integrated software stack: no software development required
  • Drastic reduction of your time-to-market: integrate the reader and develop your NFC application in a few steps
  • Access to a highly qualified support team
  • Fully customizable for specific needs