Audio-Video Systems

Business Sector : Digital TV
Objective :

Backed by one of the leaders of the film industry Metropolitan FilmsExport, VODinn launched in 2016 the first “Push VOD” technology service for local authorities (hotels, healthcare facilities, vehicle fleets …).

Covering 100% of the territory thanks to a satellite broadcast, without any restriction of bandwidth because it does not exploit streaming and without necessity of access to Internet, the VODinn service delivers in B2B, the best of recent cinema. The solution is based on a compact set top box concealed behind the TV and equipped with a hard drive that receives 24/7, the contents updated constantly. The existing coaxial cable network is not modified and VODinn can supplement any existing TV offerings in a totally transparent way.

Module électronique


In partnership with Quadrille (www.quadrille.fr), Eff’Innov Technlogies has developed the set top box allowing the updating, the selection and the visualization of the contents.


The VODINN service was launched commercially in 2016 with first deployments in the hotel domain. Many more facilities are on going.

“The EFFINNOV team’s high skills and numerical expertise enabled us to obtain the most adapted and “tailor-made” solutions we expected to develop and launch our VOD service without Internet access, aimed at communities. We appreciated their flexibility, their sense of listening and understanding.”

Christian D’AUFIN
Dir. Dev. VODinn SAS

Used Technologies

  • AV codec (SMP8759A10)
  • Wifi (GWF-3M08-50-H-4-2)
  • Tuner/Demod (Si2124-A20-GM/Si2168-D60-GMR)
  • CAS (Viaccess)
  • Embedded Web server and browser
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript