Smart Lighting System

Intelligent Building Systems

Business Sector : Energy efficiency
Objective :

Develop a system to control and optimize the lighting of large buildings

Module électronique


  • Distributed wired & wireless devices architecture integrating Zigbee & off-the-shelf sensors
  • Associated to a specifically designed smart-lighting gateway acting as coordinator
    • Multi-scenario automated management(up-to 15 ballast groups)
    • Energy consumption management: ± 1% of power
    • Centralized dashboard (management and maintenance)
    • Advanced features: lighting corridor, automatic balance between natural and artificial ligthting, …


– System architecture

– SW development (Firmware and embedded web application)

– Nodes development (hardware and firmware)

– Prototype development and bring-up

– Field testing

Used Technologies

– C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript languages

– JN5148 – RSSI

– DALI, MADLI, MODBUS, Dimming 0-10V

– ZigBee

– Flyback power supply